Top 10 Eco-friendly Tips for Sustainable Living (with video)

This blog is a straight-talking guide showing you the top 10 best things that you can do that will actually make a difference in saving our planet. We have all seen the tragic things that climate change is doing to our earth and we all want to help, but you may not know exactly how you can make a difference. Well, you’ve come to the right place, as I will show you exactly the top 10 things you can do right now to save this planet!

Eco-friendly Tips for Sustainable Living

Number 10 Educate yourself

By reading this blog you are already taking a step to help the environment. I know that I am far from perfect myself but from researching and educating myself on the topic of climate change I am able to know exactly what I can be doing.

Number 9 Shop for local products

Know where your products are coming from. This is where the app Giki comes in which stands for “Get Informed, Know your Impact,”. You simply scan the barcode of your product and it ranks it based on a number of factors such as the products’ carbon footprint, the receivability of the packaging, whether or not it was responsibly sourced and also scores it on the healthiness of the product. Do you really need that kiwi that’s travelled over 18000 miles from New Zealand?

Even when we travel we affect the environment. We can at least keep it local when it comes to products. For more about travelling, read 9 eco-friendly travel tips in 2020.

You may ask, but why should I be limited to local produce? When we invest more in local agriculture we will see an increase in diverse locally grown products so you will be able to have those desired kiwis which were grown in energy-efficient greenhouses in your country.

Also when you invest in the local economy you are benefitted in numerous other ways.

Number 8 Don’t throw your money in the bin

1/3 of all the food we buy is simply thrown away. Think of each bit of food as embodied energy. By throwing it in the bin you are just wasting energy which then needs to be processed using more energy before arriving in landfills where it releases more carbon. Save yourself the money and just buy what you will eat and Ignore the sell-by dates! These have no relevance when the product should be consumed.

If your going on holiday and won’t be able to eat the food then donate at your local food bank and help those who are struggling to make ends meet. It’s not just us the customers who can be the culprits. Industry throws away a lot of food too because they are not perfect enough. So support the wonky veg campaigns they taste no different and almost every time you will be chopping up your veg anyway.

You should look at the non-edible items you’re throwing away to. Give your unwanted stuff to charity or sell it online and make some money! Putting it in the bin only requires more energy to process an item which could still be used by somebody else.

Number 7 Ask yourself, do you really need to use a car today?

We should really take inspiration from the Danish where 9/10 people use a bike. They don’t complain about the cold so neither should we and the daily exercise they get contributes to why they are some of the happiest people in the world.

Number 6 Offset your flight carbon footprint

Firstly try to avoid flying by getting the rail as it produces three times less co2 per person. If you need to fly somewhere then offset your carbon footprint using an online platform.

Number 5 Stick a jumper on

If you feel slightly Cold stick a jumper on and get up and move about. If you adjust the temperature in your home by just one degree it adds almost 10% onto your home energy use over the year.

Number 4 Get some plants to cool your room

Air conditioning is contributing hugely to climate change. So If your hot just take a layer off and buy plants for your room which naturally helps cool the space.

Number 3 If you’re not using it turn it off!

I don’t need to go into detail on this one as we have already all been lectured enough by our parents. I certainly have anyway. Cheers dad.

Number 2 Look after yourself and be healthy

You may ask how will I being healthy save the planet. Well by reducing your processed food intake and selecting healthier food choices you will reduce the embodied energy of your food. I have been vegan for 4 months and I’ve never felt healthier in my life. But becoming vegan isn’t the only way in which you can make a difference.

Number 1 Use your voice!

The biggest thing you can do is educate others. Speak out for change. We are the first generation to know we’re destroying the world, and we could be the last that can do anything about it. Speaking up is one of the most powerful things you can do educate!

Thank you for reading 10 Eco-friendly Tips

You can learn more about the environment by listening to some of the audiobooks we recommend.

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