Environmental Lesson I Learned From the COVID-19 Outbreak

Most of us are self-quarantined for more than 2 weeks now. As an outgoing person, it wasn’t easy for me. But I learned some things from it. I wanted to write a blog about an Environmental Lesson I Learned From the Coronavirus Outbreak.

3 weeks ago my wife took an English exam at a well-known institute. The institute informed all the students that they will have to drive all the way downtown to get their results after 3 weeks. After the “Coronavirus” events happened I wondered, how will we get the results?

Yesterday, she told me that the institute sent her an email. They said because of the circumstances surrounding us, we will email the results to all students and there is no need to drive downtown”

This took me into deep thinking, with eyes wide open staring towards nothing, thinking, and when my wife noticed, she asked “What’s wrong? What are you thinking about? and here what I said:

They had the option to send it via email and they didn’t do so until “Corona” happened ?! How many students would have needed to spend time, money and burn gas to get their results?

What is the Environmental Lesson I Learned From the Coronavirus Outbreak?

It took me a moment to re-think about my lifestyle now and before Coronavirus. There is no doubt that now my lifestyle is much more “environmentally friendly” if you would say. But what is sad, that I had the option to be mindful of the environment before, but I didn’t. Here is what has changed in my lifestyle:

Working from home

Thankfully, a few months before Corona, my company installed new software, called MS Teams, on all employees’ computers. This software allows us to work remotely. But no one needed it. We all used to drive 40 mins, sometimes more, twice a day going and comping back from the office.

Now, we are all using it. The company asked all employees to work from home and to take advantage of the available technologies. Here is my point, we had the option to use this technology, work remotely and help to protect the environment from polluting its air and yet, we did not! until Corona showed up.

You might be thinking,

How working from home helps the environment?

Researches in New York showed an early study to BBC that emissions of monoxide, especially from cars, have been reduced to 50% in comparison to last year.

Did we need Corona to teach us that we could’ve been more mindful?

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Using the internet to pay bills and do transactions

Although I used to do most of my transactions online, now I am doing every single payment through the internet. It became the first option I think of when I need to pay someone or transfer money instead of visiting the bank.

You probably heard about Louvre in France banning cash over virus fear. What if we decided not to use cash at all and use cards instead. Wouldn’t this reduce deforestation? Even better, using mobile apps for payments to avoid plastic cards.

Studying online instead of attending classes

Even studying became available without the need to spend time, gas and money travelling to school.

Today, and after the university told my wife that all classes will be closed, she looked into the online options. Guess what! She found a bunch of wonderful courses that meet her needs. Some of them are free. Here is the link to Harvard courses we used, in case you wanted to consider studying from home.

Using 1 tea-bag for 2 cups

I like my tea light. Before, I used to dip 1 tea-bag just a little and throw it away. My wife, likewise. Now, as I know that I will have to go out and get more tea, my wife and I are using just 1 tea-bag for both cups. And it still darker than what I need. This reduces our waster, which definitely will be better for the environment.

I didn’t know that 1 tea-bag is enough for us both until Coronavirus thought me that. This can be applied to everything we are using. Food, clothes, paper and a lot more.

These were not all the Environmental Lessons I Learned From the Coronavirus Outbreak …

Buying products in bulk

Although it seems like a small thing, buying in bulk saves packaging. I shared this tip on our Facebook page and Instagram recently.

As I was preparing for the self-quarantine, I bought supplies and food enough for keeping me home for at least 3 weeks. But here I need to mention 2 things to keep in mind while buying in bulk:

  1. Check the expiry dates and make sure that you will need them and use all of them before they are ruined.
  2. If there is a shortage of supplies, buy less and put the community first. Think about your neighbours and friends.

Will all this turn back to normal?

What even scars me even more, that after all of this is over, we may push back the harmful activities much harder to make up for the losses that hit the economy in February and March. Plus, with the challenging we are facing, companies might be less able to secure financial investments in renewable energy.

That is why it will be more important than ever, to stay mindful of the environment and maintain the eco-habits we are practising these days.

Collaborate with the government and authorities

We self-isolated ourselves for almost 2 weeks now. I know there might be a lot of people out there who stayed self-quarantined even more than that. It is not easy. It is tough. I know. But this is the time we show strength and collaboration.

I just learned from the news today, if 1 virus entered a body, it can replicate 1014 times in 24 hours. This is one of the reasons behind its dramatic spread.


So the Environmental Lesson I Learned From the Coronavirus Outbreak is that I could have been more mindful of the environment without spending more, but saving.

Coronavirus is a wakeup call. It is up to us to listen to it.

I am optimistic that we will overcome these difficult times with more lessons learned that will benefit us in the future and generations to come.

My advice, for now, is to stay safe, stay home and be optimistic!

I will keep adding to this blog. Make sure to re-visit after a few days. Please signup so I can remind you to visit me when I add to this blog.

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