Lezoria is an Eco Blog and e-Commerce platform

For who?

For environmentalists who want to participate in a better world, learn more about the environment and how to reduce pollution.

If you care about the environment and want to blog about sustainability or you have an Eco-product to sell, you are in the right place. Here anyone can freely blog and publish their environmentally friendly product.

Our Mission

Help sustain a beautiful environment by making Lezoria.com an informative platform with smart tips and ideas on how to make it environmental.

The Logo

Our logo illustrates a leaf in the shape of an eye. The lead represents the environment and the eye for caring.

We care about the environment and will keep our eye on it to help sustain its beauty.

The name

Lezoria is a name, we made up, represents an island that is free of pollution.

Why island?

Islands are some of the places that produce most of the waste (after just a few countries like China, the US and Germany) because of tourism.

This inspired us: if humans would succeed in living on an island built on green energy and zero pollution, it will be an example to all countries around the world, and a new beginning for everyone to start thinking green. 

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The beginning

It all started in June 2019 when I was on the beach, trying to enjoy nature, I put my legs in the water and suddenly felt something catches my leg. You probably guessed it. A plastic bag. I ignore it at first and jumped into the water. But that bag wasn’t the only piece of plastic underneath. I could not swim a minute without another piece catches my leg. It was irritating, but it was the beginning to start thinking about the amount of pollution we are causing to the environment. Not just plastic but all types of pollution. And started to think, how can I contribute to a better environment?

Since then I started searching more about the environment and definitions of pollution and this drove me to dream of a place that is all green. A place that is free of emissions and dangerous gases. No Plastic. Cars are electric. All power generated from renewable energy. Products are biodegradable and eco-friendly. So I started with this website and named it Lezoria. I encourage you to join us. Blog your idea or publish a product. Let me know what do you think. I hope one day we will be able to build this place for real.


If you have any questions, we’ll be very happy to hear from you. Reach out on social media or send us an email on Help@Lezoria.com

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